Areas of Practice

We offer our clients a broad range of legal services in the following areas:

  1. Legal advice in all branches of law, such as but not limited to General Practice, Corporate, Labor, Dispute Resolution, Insurance, Investments, and Banking Laws. Alternative Dispute Resolution, Arbitration, International Arbitration, International Dispute Resolution. Legal advices are given either by email or fax.
  2. Drafts and reviews all types of agreements both in Arabic and English. Provides legal assistance in forming a business entity, drafting Articles of Incorporation, MOU and setting up its operations in accordance with existing laws and Qatar rules and regulations.
  3. Settle disputes by Alternative Dispute Resolution Process. For Alternative Dispute Resolution we have experienced mediators in different fields
  4. The Law Office has a solid and extensive experience in the field of litigation. We represent clients before the Courts in the State of Qatar in any Judicial hierarchy, whether Supreme Court, Appellate Court or Court of Lower Jurisdiction, concerning any legal proceedings relating thereto taking into consideration the interests of the client as absolute and primary. 
  5. The Law Office provides legal services in all types of actions including but not limited to, civil, commercial, labor and criminal cases, as well as appearing before the Public Prosecutor.
  6. Coordinates with associate local and foreign law firms in the State of Qatar to provide legal services in respect of international-related matters in the Gulf Cooperation Council, Arab states and other foreign countries.
  7. In an attempt to offer optimum, integrated package of legal services, our firm develops relationships with certified accounting firms to help their legal departments assess the legal aspect of a case before and after submitting tax returns and balance sheets and related services.
  8. Provides assistance on local companies and international corporations intending to establish a company in the State of Qatar.
  9. Offers bilingual English-Arabic translation service and other relevant services.
  10. Representation of Client before any private sectors or contracting companies to ensure that all legal procedures agreed upon has been strictly complied, which includes all actions required until the end of the project pursuant to their agreement.
  11. Arbitration
  12. Intellectual Property
  13. Banks Legal Requirements
  14. Other legal actions of any kind  as our firm has a vast experience in responding to all legal inquiries  in various legal aspects, whether local or international issues.
  15. Collection and Debit Recovery



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